Jesus Christ – The Saviour

Jesus, the greatest man ever lived in human history. A divine being residing within human flesh. It is a story of a god himself who stopped down to save all human kind. It is the story of a god who dwelt among humans in account of love. It is the story of a god who chose a cross to die over it, expressing his love so that every human kind and race who accepts him shall enter into his kingdom – The kingdom of god.

It is impossible to know god unless god himself takes the initiative and reveals him but the question is, did ever god revealed himself? Even if he did then how will we know whether god revealed himself?

For that we have to scan the horizon of history to see if there is any clue of god’s revelation. Yes! There is a clue, 2000 years ago; in an obscure village of Bethlehem a child was born in a stable. The greatest history which no one can deny and even today the entire world still celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Let us learn some of the unheard things that Jesus did while he was on earth which will help us get a clearer picture on who Jesus is!

The virgin birth of Jesus

The virgin birth of Jesus clearly tells us that he was not born out of human love. Bible says, Jesus was born through the power of Holy Spirit – Matthew 1:20. Since, he was not born out of human love he was sinless and Jesus chose to be born out of a virgin to demonstrate that he was not a mere man but a Son Of God  Luke 1:35.

Jesus performed miracles

It was the time on earth when people saw God in flesh, roaming around performing miracles and healing people from sickness. Here are some miracles that Jesus did;

  1. Jesus healed sick people – Matthew 8:16
  2. Jesus controlled the weather- Mark 4:39
  3. Jesus multiplied food – Matthew 14:19-21
  4. Jesus gave sights to two blind men – Matthew 20:34

There are many more miracles that Jesus did when he dwelt on earth and it’s very interesting to know that even today after leaving the earth Jesus does miracles through his followers as the apostles of Jesus did performed miracles in the name of Jesus – Acts 3:6-9 and this proves that Jesus is alive even today!

 Jesus Christ: The savior of the world

When we refuse to obey god it’s a sin and the penalty of sin is death – Romans 6:23 but god loved the world to such an extent that he himself came to save us from death [Eternal death]. So, he came to this world to die on behalf of us since, he was the only one who was born sinless, he was the only one who lived a sinless life and also he was the only one who was qualified to die on a cross and he didn’t stop there, he rose from his grave after three days demonstrating his power over death and this makes it pretty clear that Jesus is god as Jesus proved this through his resurrection.

 Jesus is the judge

After Jesus rose from the grave, he ascended to heaven, the place where he was before being human and while Jesus was still on earth he said, ” Then will appear the sign of the son of man in heaven and then all the people of the earth will mourn when they see the son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great joy” – Matthew 24:30 and then Jesus will separate those who will live with him forever in heaven from those who will be punished in hell– Matthew 25:31-33

As of now, we have seen some of the greatest works or some of the qualities of Christ which were indeed distinctive. Right from virgin birth to the crucifixion and from crucifixion to resurrection, everything was miraculous and all this can only be pertained to god and no human. As the book of John 1:1 says, ‘In the beginning was word and the word was with god and the word was god’ and ‘the word became flesh and made his dwelling among men’- John 1:14

In a nutshell, Jesus Is God who became flesh to deliver humans from the bondage of sin so that we may inherit the kingdom of God!