Inspiring minds: D. Augustine Jebakumar

Augustine Jebakumar was born in a small village of Swayerpuram, Tirunelveli which is in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India. He was born to his father A.D.David and mother Joy Florinal on 20th August, 1947. He was born in a God fearing family and his mother Joy Florinal was longing for her first child … Continue reading Inspiring minds: D. Augustine Jebakumar

Inspiring minds: Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was, and still remains, an inspiration for one and all. If one word were needed to describe her, it would surely be – love. Her divinity and angelic soul were devoted to the destitute and the helpless. Her service and selflessness towards her fellow human beings earned her names, ‘Saint of the gutter’ … Continue reading Inspiring minds: Mother Teresa