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Stop suicide.

Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape the unbearable suffering. A suicidal person is blinded by feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, self-hatred, isolation and intolerable pain that he/she finds no other option than suicide. I wish, the person undergoing through the bad times, one day would be able to find an alternative rather than ending everything which is obviously not easy since they’re in a suicidal state of mind.

The Holy Bible remarks suicide as a murder. Genesis – The very first book of Bible reminds us that murder is the ultimate attack upon the image of God. If we violate the image of God in ourselves or in someone else’s, then eventually we are attacking the image of God. Remember, the image of God is the most sacred gift given to us by God and let us not use our freedom to violate our freedom.

In 2012,over 8,00,000 people,globally became victims of suicide,says WHO. India, here suicide rate was over 1,00,000 in the year 2012. The latest reports of 2014 says the act of suicide has increased to 2,58,075 with 99,977 women and 1,58,098 men says, Times of India. It is miserable to know that among all these victims 80% of suicidal victims are literate.

I do recall an incident that occurred during the month of April-2016 which left me with a heavy heart. Around 6 to 7 pm, my phone buzzed, it was a friend of mine on the other side of the line who had called me to inform, a senior of ours has hanged himself. Hearing this, I ran in a jiffy to his place but to no avail. He was no more. This act of suicide resulted in strike which went on for two days straight in order to seek justice for the boy. Now, you all may be wondering, what made that student take such a drastic step of ending his life? The exam season was on and he got caught by a professor for using unfair or fraudulent means in an examination. On this, he pleaded to his professor to let go of it as this was his last semester of Engineering. However, the professor did not pay heed to his plea and inked his answer sheet with a black marker. The boy felt helpless in this situation and tried to threaten the professor by warning him, he’ll commit suicide if not given a last chance. By 6 pm on the very same day, he did what he had promised to. He ended his life by hanging himself. Not only, he ended his life but also, ruined his parent’s hopes pinned on him. What a tragic loss of a promising life and future!

My dear friends, definitely suicide is not the ultimate solution to any problem. No matter how grave the situation is, never even think of suicide because it is not the solution, it is a problem in itself. It not only hurts you but also hurts your parents more than anyone else who loves you. Remember, the boundaries of life are not confined to your exams, marks, love, relationships and other ups and downs. It is beyond all that. No matter how much you may regret later, you can never get your life again and above all never forget life is a precious gift given by God.

 †Life is a blessing†