Who is Jesus according to other religions?


Who is Jesus? Could Jesus possibly be God or was he just a crazy guy running around claiming to be god and why does it even matter. if you are a Christian then the answer to this question is of the utmost importance.
In the world we live in today there are many viewpoints and opinions on who jesus really is. For example;
Muslims believe that Jesus was one of Islams many prophets, a good and holy man. But certainly not the Son of God.
Mormons believe God created Jesus through a relationship with one of his celestial wives. In fact, according to the Mormon publication, Pearl of great price and the LDS website, even Satan was a Son of God and a brother of Jesus, equal with Hesus in nature. [Book of Moses 4:1-4]
Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus was and is merely an Angel who was just one of the many Gods they say exists. In fact, they claim that jesus is actually Michael the Archangel. Let’s look at this quote. Scriptural evidence indicates that the name Michael applies to God’s son before he left heaven to become Jesus Christ and also after his return. So they’re saying that Michael was Jesus in Heaven then he became jesus on earth and then he went back to Heaven and he’s Michael again. That’s kind of crazy.
Hindus believe that Jesus was one of many great and holy men. Many Hindus believe that Jesus was a good teacher and perhaps one of their 330 million avatars.
Buddhists believe that Jesus was an enlightened man but as God, No.
New agers believe Jesus was a great enlightened teacher who realized he was God. Just like we all can realize we are God.
So, yes there exists a wide variety of opinions as to who jesus was and is. Some  say he was a great man others a Prophet others an angel or just one of many gods. So, who do you think Jesus is?

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